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Tex-Mex Recycling is proud to have a metal recycling team compiled of experts in the metal industry. Our team has the ability and knowledge to buy and sell all ferrous and non-ferrous materials and source and market materials anywhere in the world. 

Our multi-facet metal recycling process includes: baling, shredding, shearing, cutting, breaking, sorting, in order to prepare material to be reintroduced into the manufacturing process.

Our process of recycling scrap metal uses less energy than making brand new metal which cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions.



Analysis your needs

Our custom metal recycling programs begin with understanding what you need. 


Create a plan

Our team will create a program and work with your company to implement it. 


Get to work

Once we have a plan, our team gets started on handling your scrap metal and begin the recycling process.

We're with you.
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We’re always available to answer your questions. 

metal recycling

Tex-Mex Recycling is equipped and ready to handle all your scrap metal safely and securely.



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